DAY 20

I have had a really hard time not being able to masturbate, I was getting massive erections but the faster my cock will heal, the sooner I will be able to use it. My goal now is to keep the right hygiene, I have started washing it more often. I have shaved my balls cause I thought it would be more hygienic? As you can see my stitches started disappearing. Oh and I have noticed that my penis head is more sensitive after the surgery but I don’t know if it’s because a better blood flow, or because I haven’t had sex or masturbate in a long time. I couldn’t resist and when having a shower, I pulled the skin back to wash my cock and started massaging the head, it felt incredible, I was really close to shoot a load. Here are few pics showing my progress in healing (soft/semi hard penis, I still try not to allow myself to get a full erection):




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Today I had to masturbate, I couldn’t cope with sexual tension. It wasn’t the best idea though (I don’t recommend it guys) I had some bleeding after and now I feel slightly more pain. I had a shower in the morning and I’ll have a next one tomorrow. I’ll probably stop posting for the next few days unless something has changed. 

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ok so here it is, I had my preputipoplasty done yesterday, I also had a frenuloplasty done. I went to the hospital in the morning at 8AM, I was asked to put on a hospital gown and then did the paperwork with a nurse. Shortly after that I was given a general anaesthesia and fell asleep in few seconds. Next thing I know…everything was done and apparently it went smooth as the doctor said. I did not feel any pain or discomfort and even today I feel fine. Fingers crossed it will stay like this. I was able to leave the hospital at 1:30 PM, nurse has given me pain relief (paracetamol, codeine and ibuprofen). I had a bit of bleeding after going to the toilet but that’s normal. I was given instructions on how to maintain a hygiene:

'gentle hygiene from tomorrow. Retract and reduce foreskin gently once a day from Sunday'  

I haven’t had a shower on Friday but today I tried to gently pull the skin back when showering but it does not look great and I just didn’t want to damage anything. 

Surprisingly I woke up today without an erection (thank God, as it happens to me every morning). Tomorrow I will attempt to pull the skin back as far as I can and to get it cleaned. Here is a photo of me straight after the operation, it looks all red and weird, stitches will dissolve after 1-3 weeks:

I’m looking forward to see the final result once it’s all healed!

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blogs to follow

Hey guys,this is a blog created by a guy who had preputioplasty done, it’s worth checking out, he even posted pictures, I found it very useful

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let’s get started

I have an appointment at the hospital on 7th of November. I have been waiting for this for quite a while. I was given a steroid cream called Dermovate before and I have used it for 4 weeks but it never helped.I have also tried stretching excersises especially during the shower but it had  a minimum/none effect. I have done a lot of research and my initial thought was to get circumcised. It seems like a lot of people regret getting circumcised because they lost sensitivity and the sex is less enjoyable for them. That really made feel worried and I have quickly changed my views on circumcision. Let me just say that my phimosis isn’t extreme. If I wouldn’t be able to retract my foreskin at all I don’t think I would have a choice but to get circumcised. My problem is that my foreskin is quite tight in one particular place. I can fully retract my foreskin revealing the glans but there is a tight ring when I have an erection. This makes the tip of my penis look quite red and I really don’t like that. I know that there are alternatives to circumcision and the one I am particularly interested in is preputioplasty. It’s a surgical operation to widen my foreskin. It really sounds promising and I am looking forward to going to the hospital. Here is a photograph of my erect penis. I have a naturally downwards curved penis. I have been doing stretching excersise using baby oil. 


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On Friday I have noticed that one of my stitches was loose so I wanted to go to the hospital to get it checked. I got under the shower and wanted to clean my penis and the blood just started squirting out of me. I was taken to the hospital and they had to restitch my frenulum under local anaesthetic. It was very painful. I have spent two nights at the hospital and got discharged yesterday. Doctor’s diagnose was ‘frenulum artery haemorrhage’. I need to be on antibiotics (Augmentin) for a week because it is very likely that infection will develop. My doctor has recommended that when I pee, I should pull the skin back so the pee hole isn’t covered with skin. When I am done peeing I should wipe it cause it’s important to keep it as dry as possible. It was a scary experience to me but sh…t happens and I am looking forward to see it healing. I forgot to mention that hot water isn’t recommended for washing, use water that isn’t too warm and always get dry after shower (don’t take baths!) I don’t know if me masturbating has caused this, I didn’t really want to mention that to the doctor. To be safe, wait with masturbation until you see that it starts to heal to avoid any complications.

As you can see there are more stitches on my frenulum, and my foreskin is starting to heal, a bruise on my penis is disappearing: 


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I have managed to clean my penis today, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I got under the shower and used a cotton wipe and soap to gently wash. Pain and discomfort-wise on a scale of 1/10 I would say it’s only 1! So far so good. I took some photos and man, it doesn’t even look like my own penis, it seems like there is more skin on it but it must be the swelling. I have some bruising on the shaft as well. I have noticed today that a large part of hair is gone from my leg, I guess they were testing something on my skin. Although these photos terrify me I know it’s gonna be ok once everything is healed. 

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pre op

My preputioplasty has been scheduled for 29th of this month. I had to fill in a questionnaire at the hospital to let them know about any allergies I have or treatments I get. Fortunately I am not allergic to anything. They requested contact details of someone that will pick me up from the hospital and look after me for 24 hours after the operation. Otherwise they could not perform the operation. Anaesthesia will make me feel disorientated and I was advised not to make any decisions after the surgery until start to feel normal. I have to be at the hospital at 8 in the morning ,and they said that depending on which one on the list I will be, I should be able to go home between 11AM and 2PM same day. I will post some pictures before the operation if I can…

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So today I went to the hospital. My appointment was early in the morning and I felt a little embarrassed cause I got hard just before seeing the doctor (it happens to me every morning, I just wake up and my willy is rock hard). I have tried to think about my gran naked and it helped. But let’s focus on what is important. I told the doctor about  my problem and she obviously had to have a look. I said that it’s hardly noticeable if I don’t have an erection and asked her if it’s ok if I show her the photographs. She admitted it was a good idea and then I had to take my pants off so she could have a look. I was a bit nervous but she was very professional and nice. I said that this is causing me problems in bed and takes away my confidence. She said to me I have two options:

preputioplasty… ta dah! that’s what I wanted to hear. She explained to me how it’s done. I’d get 1 to 3 incisions and it will obviously leave a scar but I was already aware of it. I may experience local numbness after the operation but let’s hope everything will be ok. She suggested that in my case it’s probably the best option to widen foreskin. I have a choice of local anaesthesia which is painful, or general meaning I will get anaesthetics and just fall asleep and wake up after it’s done. 

second option was obviously circumcision, she did say that minority of the patients experience numbness, I said to her straight away that I would prefer preputioplasty and she said she is more than happy to offer me this type of surgery

I have to come back to the hospital on Monday 11th to have my pre op. Lady in the reception said I am lucky cause they might even do it at the end of this month! Here’s a photograph of my willy this morning, it may be the last month it looks like this:

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